XR Set Design (XRSD) designs virtual sets and builds highly detailed 3D models powered by unreal engine, textured and fully lit. A photorealistic set translated to an XR green screen or LED stage can be created very quickly in-house, at XRSD.


XRSD is headed by veteran Emmy-winning production designer Andy Walmsley who has designed hundreds of Television shows including American Idol, America’s Got Talent, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, So You Think You Can Dance, and many more.

Andy Walmsley has worked all over the world in Television, Broadway, West End, Theme parks, Corporate Events, and Las Vegas spectaculars.

Take a look at Andy’s Physical set designs here

I have always had a fascination with the prospect of XR enhancing and perhaps one-day overtaking physical scenery in a soundstage. I could see a missing link in the XR world where predominantly motion graphics companies had been creating the virtual sets, to me there was something off when trying to convince viewers they are looking at a real Physical set ...

I could see the missing link was having an actual set designer involved in the process who can bring years of experience of physically built scenery to a 3D XR environment ensuring the traditional conventions of real scenery (materials, practical lighting, shooting angles).

Having a veteran set designer to design the set and in the case of XRSD build the actual 3D digital environment in-house guarantees the believability to the audience that they are seeing a real physical set.

- Andy Walmsley


XR Set designs everything from soup to nuts:

  • Working with the production team to fully understand the project's brief create 3D renderings and video fly-thru animations of the virtual set.
  • Create a fully detailed 3D model rendered using the unreal engine.
  • Work with third party XR technology companies during Pre-production to bring technical XR components to the studio environment.
  • Make on the fly changes either on set or remotely during the look-see process.
  • Win Emmys for your show. ; - )